PPA reconciliation

EPC’s PPA Reconciliation Service is helping GP’s reclaim thousands of pounds owed to them. With no risk to you, our average claim is currently £16000 per practice!

Want to find out how to make an average of £16,000 for just 15 minutes of work?

  • Once setup (takes about 15 minutes) we work in the background to manually audit your PPA FP34 claims.
  • We find all those instances where someone used a stock item but didn’t produce a prescription.
  • We collate these together, you print them , sign them and send them off as usual.
  • We work entirely on a commission basis – we don’t find anything you don’t pay anything. 
  • Our current average find sits at £16,000.
  • We will sign a data processing agreement to ensure our responsibility for your patient data is clear.

Missing Scripts and FP34 Claims Costing You Money? We Offer A Risk Free Audit and Professional Claim Service.

Risk Free.  Reliable.  Rewarding. EPC’s PPA Reconciliation Service is helping GP’s reclaim thousands of pounds owed to them. With no risk to you, our average claim is currently £16000 per practice!

PPA Prescription

As a previous partner in a GP practice myself, I know that the FP34 claims process is highly technical and multifaceted.  With heavy workloads at your surgery, even with the best will in the world, human error means it is too easy to omit items that can be claimed for. Above all with multiple steps required for a successful claim and other workload pressures, we understand how practices are missing out on income. In addition we understand the ever growing budget constraints that continue to mount. 

Let EPC’s experts review your clinical system, at no cost to you.  Our comprehensive audit always identifies examples where prescriptions aren’t generated to support a claim. Where items have clearly been used, or where particular items are always used, we speedily generate a prescription that you can claim.  Practices have 7 years to make a claim, but running a retrospective audit takes time your pressured staff may not have. 

We can undertake this process for you and you’ll pay only when we succeed. You have already bought and used the items and we make sure you are paid for them.

EPC’s ‘pay as you claim’ service ensures all prescriptions are logged against the latest tariff prices at which you will be paid. Given our fee of only 30 % + VAT, payable upon submission, what have you got to lose? We guarantee that no charge is made if we find no omissions from your system. EPC will also refund commission on any disallowed items or prescriptions. We haven’t had any yet!

We are here to support you.

I am sure you have an incredibly efficient team at your practice, who you are fantastically proud of.  However, between fielding busy telephones, facing and co-ordinating patients’ care, workflow and administration, human error is a fact of life in pressured environments such as yours.  The nurses and doctors at your practice are extremely busy members of the team and with the best of intentions, PPA script documentation can go awry sometimes. Even exemplary administration teams can make mistakes on your busiest days. 

As a result we can ease some of the pressure, saving time chasing after what are sometimes complex claims. As a previous Partner myself, I’m using the experience gained over the past 11 years to help others.

Our team have worked with a number of GP practices and understand how errors and omissions can cost our GP clients dearly. None of them could afford to miss revenues due to them, however, sorting this out took precious time that could never be spared.

For instance your surgery could be missing out on vital funds. An average audit and PPA reconciliation carried out by EPC generates £16,000!

In conclusion EPC’s commitment to simplifying your day, by reclaiming money owed to your practice, with no up-front cost, means you have nothing to lose. 

Here’s what a few of our previous customers say about us:

Just had a change of staff responsible for the PPA returns and decided to ask Daniel Vincent to do an audit as I wasn’t certain that all the claims had been done properly. He found us an amazing £6000! He only charges a % of what he finds so if you’re super efficient it will cost you less. My GPs are very happy (as it was a quick win with nothing to lose) and we identified areas where the nurses weren’t always printing the scripts. Given us motivation to audit regularly in the future and we’re developing some systems. Well worth getting him to pay you a visit.  Thanks Daniel”    

Sally Holland – Prince of Wales Surgery

Prince of Wales Team - PPA Testimonial
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Excellent service from Daniel and Nicky. Really a win win for us – just over £8k found of unclaimed payments which otherwise we’d never have known about! Would highly recommend. “

Review by Izzy, Managing Partner in Shrewsbury on 22nd June 2021

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Very simple and straight forward process. Worth doing and sets you up for the future. Thank you.

Review by Jessica, Practice Manager in Shrewton on 22nd June 2021

To get your risk free audit with one of our efficient, helpful team, get in touch today to get your money into your bank account.

Kind Regards

Daniel Vincent - CEO

Daniel Vincent
Chief Executive Officer

You can find the NHSBSA guidance on how to submit claims here: https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/pharmacies-gp-practices-and-appliance-contractors/submitting-prescriptions/sending-your-claim

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